Calling All Superheroes

Get your costumes, capes, and weapons ready!  We need your help.  The villain Akan is at it again.  He has been wreaking havoc.  Can you help us?  Our agents are in need of new recruits to aid in Akan’s capture.  Come join us for an interactive walk-thru experience.  Our agents will guide your from room to room as we train and prepare to capture Akan once again.  Of course while you are waiting for your training time, there will be a other activities to get you warmed up and ready.  See you soon heroes!

Location and Time

The Superhero Party is located at 555 Fairpoint Drive in Gulf Breeze.  From Highway 98, turn south onto Fairpoint Drive (CVS and Chick-Fil-A) on the corners.  Travel approximately 1.5 miles.  The party is located behind First Baptist Church Gulf Breeze.  The fun begins at 6pm, and will end at 8pm.  Groups will be guided through the interactive walk-thru experience.  Each tour will take about 30 minutes.  During the tour there will be interactive games, projects, as well as an ongoing drama.  While waiting for the walk thru (or after completing the experience) there will be other activities to pass the time!

Storypoint Church

We’d love to meet you on a Sunday morning as well.  Our services are weekly at 10:30am, but come early for a free breakfast every week at 8:45am, followed by Bible Study classes at 9:30am.  Classes are available for all ages!

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Storypoint Church

Other Upcoming Events

Ongoing:  Root Groups

Ongoing: Root Groups

Get connected to others at Storypoint.  Root Groups meet in homes on Sunday nights.  The roots provide the nutrients that bring life, they overlap each other and provide the stability and strength.  Information on the homes and times is provided at the Welcome Desk in the lobby of Storypoint.

Ongoing: Waterfront Rescue Mission

Ongoing: Waterfront Rescue Mission

On the second Wednesday of every month we minister to the men at the Waterfront Rescue Mission.  Our students meet at 5:30pm to go and lead the nightly chapel service.  They will return back to Storypoint around 8:30pm (after a quick stop at Wendy’s on the way home).  We also have food preparers that cook the full meal during the day (at the church), and then another group of people that deliver and serve the meal.

Contact Us

Send us an email, give us a call, send us a social media message, stop by the office and say hello.  We haven’t figured out smoke signals and carrier pigeons yet, but maybe one day!

If you have any questions about the Superhero party, reach out to us … we’d love to hear from you!

555 Fairpoint Drive
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

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