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Scavenger Hunt

Here’s How to Play …

Step 1.  Watch the short video on this page.

Step 2.  Play the game.  You will take 10 pictures.

Step 3.  Post the pictures on your own Facebook page.

Step 4.  Visit the Storypoint Church Facebook page and share the “I PLAYED THE GAME” post to your own page (this is how you are entered into the prize drawings).

Scavenger Hunt List

All of these locations are in the Gulf Breeze Proper.

  1. Take a picture in front of the place with 4 huge glass garage doors
  2. Take a picture in front of the place you can get them smothered and covered.
  3. Take a picture in front of the sign with three church names on it.
  4. Take a picture of the newest place where parents take their kids to cool off in the summer.
  5. Take a picture in the drive thru of the place you can only eat chicken 6 days a week
  6. Take a picture with the guy in blue that is super friendly unless you’re doing something wrong.
  7. Take a picture where the class of 2020 left their mark.
  8. Take a picture where you have 31 choices
  9. Take a picture where it’s truly a pleasure to be there.
  10. Take a picture where a turtle would go to get gas.


  • $100 Gift card to Grand Marlin
  • $50 Gift cards to Chick Fil A (two of them)
  • $25 Gift cards to Walmart (four of them)


***The game starts on November 1 and ends at midnight on November 8.

***All steps must be completed to be eligible for the prizes.

***Everyone who plays will be entered into the prize drawing- held live on Facebook  November 10.

***Teams must consist of at least 3 players, but only 1 player must post on Facebook

***This is just for fun…no personal information will be sold or shared.