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Join us every Sunday morning at 10:30am for our worship service.  We are located at 555 Fairpoint Drive in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

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We like to keep it simple

Church doesn’t have to be complicated.  We like to keep our focus very simple.  Our role is to Live & Share our stories, which is God’s story.  When we do, others will see it, believe it, and Live & Share it with others.  Loving God, Doing Good, and Telling the Story are at the heartbeat of everything we do.

We exist to Live & Share God’s story in a way that others will believe it and Live & Share it themselves.

We believe

Church is Family

I’m New Here

Hi, if you are looking at this page it is probably because you are checking us out and have a few questions you’d like us to answer. Hopefully we’ll do a good job answering your questions, but if not, feel free to contact us.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Join us every Sunday morning at 10:30am for worship, or come early at 8:45am for breakfast with Bible Study classes for all age groups at 9:30am.

Want to know more about Storypoint Church?  Check out our “I’m New Here” page and our “About Us” page.

Everyone has a story

We all have a story, and each story is unique.  We all come from different backgrounds and traditions.  At Storypoint we believe that every story is still being written.  We come together and share our stories with each other.  These stories inspire us.  They remind us of God’s love and care in each of our lives.  We all have a story … what’s your story?

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We’d love to hear from you.  Send us an email and tell us about yourself.  As you’ve likely read by now, we believe in stories at Storypoint.  We’d love to hear yours, and help yours become a part of our story.  We look forward to chatting.

You can contact a staff member by visiting our Staff Page.

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